Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Layout of My Website

            For my website I am planning on making it on the Limestone Track a field Team. I plan on having a least four good Categories for visitors to look at which is the welcome page, schedule roster and pictures, resume, and blog page.  The colors of my webpage will be the basic limestone colors Blue White and yellow.  I will have the limestone logo on every page and a slide show on the welcome page with us practicing and doing different things. My font will be consistent on each page and the same.  It will have a link where you can go and look at the accomplishments of the track and field team as well as individual athletes as well.  I really want to put a timeline because we’ve only had a track for five years and I would like to share the progression we have made throughout the years.  I also want to add my resume so it will be easy for me to get to it when I need it as well as my blog page. I want some
type of music playing in the background as well.

Layout of my site
Page 1: Welcome Page
Page 2: Schedule, Roster, Pictures
Page 3: Resume
Page 4: Blog
Page 5: Portfolio

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