Monday, January 28, 2013

The Basketball Jones.. Whats Makes a good Blog??

What makes a good blog?? I think what makes a good blog is that you have to be creative and have a great title. The topic of the blog should be something that the people would like to read and can get into. Really i find blogs pointless because i cant really get into it but i see that its helpful to most people. I read one blog titled the basketball jones which was only because the title caught my attention. The info in this blog people can relate to because it gives u weekly updates about whats happening in sporrs today. So blogs can be interesting to a certain point. So i figure thats all u need for a good blog.,28804,2075431_2075447_2075497,00.html

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Is Google Making Us Stoopid??

In my opinion i feel that people just use google and other internet sources to help more with what they are doing than instead of it being bad to the ming of people. But i do see it as giving the people an option to go find things and not think about it in the process. Like for instance when there wasnt any computers the people had to read books and think more about the situation instead of how we do now when all we have to do is type in a keyword and the answer just pops up. But it kind of makes it easier for the people now but it slows down their thinking because of how easy it is to find things..

Becoming Screen Literate

While i was reading the article "Becoming Screen Literate" it says that everywhere we go we see screens. Which is actually true because u can see for anything you buy like clothes, phones, or even movies and music all u have to do is pull it up on a computer screen and pick and pay. It actually makes things a lot easier in life because the technology today makes it more easier to process transactions. Just imagine on what will happen next all this technology being invented it can only get better. Whoever thought that they would invent touch screen phones or even just phones that all u have to do is press a button and it tells u what to do. Or even like we have cars now with screen in that tells u where to go or even it has something in the car that shows you when youre getting close to something and u can actually see while u back up. So technology is really taking over and screens are being used everywhere

Friday, January 18, 2013

I imagined that the future would be that the world would be controlled by computers. I use to wish that i could talk to someone that was face to face to me but they wasnt even my presents. I used to always want an car that actually ran off air instead of gas that you would just use solar energy. I wish it was a way that when you first walked in the house all you have to do was say a word and your house would just instantly be clean because i used  to hate doing chores when i was little. So far only 2 of these things have came true which are have something that you can talk to someone face to face without them bein in your presents which is that you got cell phones now that you use to communicate with people like on skype which is where you converse with people online on a web cam and u can actually see theyre face while youre talking to them and you can do that on a computer as well. We also have the solar energy cars invented now which rides on solar energy instead of gas. But my vision of it to get something to clean the house instantly instead you having to do it has not came yet. And i dont expect it to come about soon. I really would never imagine that they would have the 3D tvs tht they have now. if i was a child right now i would love this future right now.