Monday, October 28, 2013


For my video my ideas at first was to have a big explosion and my face popping in out of the screen. I thought that would be kind of neat for me to do that and very funny. I wanted to have a lot of information about myself in the video because this could be like digital resume so that could make it easier on me to have something that’s digital and something that’s written out as well.  As for my ideas they all came from the top of my head I just like being creative.
            My main goal of this project was to have it to where it was funny but serious at the same time. I was trying to capture the attention of anyone that would be who my intended audience is.
            As for my storyboard and shot list I really didn’t use that much of it instead I took some things out and kept it simple to where it wouldn’t be so much switching. I organized it to where it would go in order from the early parts of my life then go into my life now. I actually shot most of the things myself and most of it my teacher and classmate helped shoot as well.
            The finished project actually came out better than I thought. I liked it from beginning to the end. Except I would have like to added my voice overs and some of the pictures I had took for the project but I think it came out good without those things that would’ve just made it a little better. 

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