Sunday, October 13, 2013

Story Board

For my storyboard I sat down and thought long and hard about what my video and interview was going to be in the film we are creating in class. I have seen a lot of interviews and videos and wanted to go all and make this a great video. I also got some stuff off of videos we watched in class and it helped me a lot. The route i decided to take was a business/funny interview but serious. I wanted it to start out with money falling in the background and my face popping in and out then go into me introducing myself. Then go into a video of me singing and having the music play while i do a voice over explaining how I started sing and how long i was singing. Then go into an interviewer asking at least three what they thought about me and how they met me. Then it comes back to telling you about High School days and the sports i participated in and about college and the sports im participating here. Then after that it goes into an interview of me telling you what i wanted to do after i graduated and then a big interuption will happen (BREAKING NEWS!!!!!). Then my Cap and gown will pop up.

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