Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Top Three Websites

The three websites that I chose was Soundcloud.com, Contre Jour.com, and Goldbely.com. Soundcloud.com is a website full of music and it makes it easier for listeners to find their favorite songs to listen to no matter what genre it is. It content is very clear and when you enter the website you know that its about music and that the theme of it. I want to incorporate this feel in my website as soon as you enter my website I want you to know what you are here for. My Second website was Contre Jour.com this is a game website and would stood out to me was that as soon as you enter the website a pops up to where you can play and get a feel of what the website is about and the game was actually fun. I want to add something like this to my website to where as soon as you enter my website some starts playing and the user and/or vistor would know what its about. The third website I chose was goldbely.com, this website caught my attention because you are able to order New York's extremely delicious food. I see that the website was well organized and had a lot of pictures to go along with it. As soon as i entered the website the images caught my because thats really what stood out to me the most all of that food just sitting in my face.

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